Do you want to move beyond 'Good' to 'Platform Mastery'?

Being a business presenter takes skill. It takes purpose. It requires deliberate attention to a few essentials. 

In this unique 'Online Masterclass' I will give you those essentials.

I've created this programme to help you learn and develop those 'essential' critical skills, discover purpose and learn how to execute the essentials. 

In fact, I will go one step beyond giving you the essentials! In this programme, I will show you how to become an Engaging, Persuasive, Impacting & Compelling Platform Master.

An E.P.I.C. Platform Master has 'PLATFORM PRESENCE' and they are relentlessly ‘influence focused’, pursuing meaningful, relevant outcomes for their audience. 

I will give you the tools you need to be the kind of engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling speaker that you dare to dream of being!

When you sign up for this online masterclass you will be able to download over 20 MP3 audios and 5 PDF e-Books. You will have complete lifetime access to the Cafe Coaching Moments Videos and the 50-minute video training programme on how to write a 13 Box Presentation. 

Check out what you get!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Platform Mastery Audio Sessions Part Two

    • Impact… the secret sauce of public speaking

    • The ‘secret’ behind the secret sauce

    • Be warned. Speed kills!

    • Be compelling or don’t show up!

    • Lessons from three little pigs on how to be a compelling speaker

    • The Pygmalion Effect in Platform Presence

    • How to light the flame of passion in your audience

    • Find your purpose. Find your voice

    • The EPIC effect of rhythm!

    • Showtime! The art of striking the pose

    • Showtime: How the 93% Principle can save your reputation!

    • I see it in your eyes and I hear it in your voice... Mastery

    • Platform Projection

Are you fed up with just being a good speaker? 

Are you ready to become an E.P.I.C. Platform Master?

About the instructor

Eugene Moreau

Presentation Master Coach

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