How To Be An Insanely Good Business Communicator

The 13 Box Presentation System: Beyond Good To E.P.I.C. Platform Mastery!


Do you want to move beyond 'Good' to 'Platform Mastery'?

Being a business presenter takes skill. It takes purpose. It requires deliberate attention to a few essentials. 

In this unique 'Online Masterclass' I will give you those essentials.

I've created this programme to help you learn and develop those 'essential' critical skills, discover purpose and learn how to execute the essentials. 

In fact, I will go one step beyond giving you the essentials! In this programme, I will show you how to become an Engaging, Persuasive, Impacting & Compelling Platform Master.

An E.P.I.C. Platform Master has 'PLATFORM PRESENCE' and they are relentlessly ‘influence focused’, pursuing meaningful, relevant outcomes for their audience. 

I will give you the tools you need to be the kind of engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling speaker that you dare to dream of being!

When you sign up for this online masterclass you will be able to download over 20 MP3 audios and 5 PDF e-Books. You will have complete lifetime access to the Cafe Coaching Moments Videos and the 50-minute video training programme on how to write a 13 Box Presentation. 

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Are you fed up with just being a good speaker? 

Are you ready to become an E.P.I.C. Platform Master?

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Eugene Moreau
Eugene Moreau
Presentation Master Coach

About the instructor

Expertise is just the beginning…

Eugene has over 30 years’ experience in working with executive level management in the niche area of business communication, presentations and strategy. Since 1990 he has helped thousands of business people talk about their business better teaching the concepts he uses in the 13 Box System, (Eugene’s unique ‘present by the numbers’ methodology) he has trained literally thousands of a business professional will know, with confidence, that when that time comes they will stand in front of an audience, any audience, with confidence and authority.

Eugene is a certified master coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute in Sydney, Australia and has trained professionals in hundreds of organisations like, Ernst & Young, Mainfreight, Carotrans, Healthlink NZ, 3M NZ, Westpac Financial Services, Mike Henry Insurance, Lumley Services, Credit Repair Australia, Fletcher Building, CS First Boston, Alsco NZ, New Zealand Home Loans, ANZ Bank, IRD, NZ Police, Fletcher Building, Steel & Tube and Auckland University Short Courses.

Eugene has written three books and numerous eBooks as well as several online training programmes.

Eugene brings his vast experience, knowledge and wisdom to his business relationships and has presented in a multitude of business formats:

• Emcee
• Key Note Speaker
• Strategy Facilitator
• Transition Catalyst
• Trusted Advisor
• Workshop Designer and Facilitator
• Proposal Writer and Pitch Strategist
• Coach and Mentor

Eugene’s Background

When he was 14 years old Eugene Moreau stood in front of his very first audience, about 250 people, and delivered his very first presentation. In many ways, he had been preparing for this event since he was 10 years old.

Very early in his life, Eugene had a fascination with the art of public speaking. He intuitively knew that standing in front of an audience and speaking with purpose and passion was one of the most influential, challenging and fulfilling activities known to mankind.

For years Eugene would go to sleep at night listening to the old school, ’hell, fire & brimstone’ preachers on his dad’s old reel-to-reel tape player. Some were good, really good, and some were not so good! All were a lesson.

Sometimes he would study the way the message was delivered and other times the way the message was structured. The result was a deep level of understanding the art of shaping an engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling

Some people are gifted at reading and understanding numbers which result in solving financial problems. Others have the gift of managing a process and extracting the very last essence of value from it.

Eugene has been gifted with the talent of helping other people stand in front of audiences of all shapes and sizes and speak with passion and skill. For the last 30 years, Eugene has worked with business professionals in small, medium and large organisations. His work has ranged from training to designing sales presentations. He has helped investment banks pitch and win government contracts and he has helped professional service firm win new clients in a formal proposal pitch.