How To Be An Insanely Good Business Communicator

The 13 Box Presentation System: Beyond Good To E.P.I.C. Platform Mastery!


Do you want to move beyond 'Good' to 'Platform Mastery'?

Being a business presenter takes skill. It takes purpose. It requires deliberate attention to a few essentials. 

In this unique 'Online Masterclass' I will give you those essentials.

I've created this programme to help you learn and develop those 'essential' critical skills, discover purpose and learn how to execute the essentials. 

In fact, I will go one step beyond giving you the essentials! In this programme, I will show you how to become an Engaging, Persuasive, Impacting & Compelling Platform Master.

An E.P.I.C. Platform Master has 'PLATFORM PRESENCE' and they are relentlessly ‘influence focused’, pursuing meaningful, relevant outcomes for their audience. 

I will give you the tools you need to be the kind of engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling speaker that you dare to dream of being!

When you sign up for this online masterclass you will be able to download over 20 MP3 audios and 5 PDF e-Books. You will have complete lifetime access to the Cafe Coaching Moments Videos and the 50-minute video training programme on how to write a 13 Box Presentation. 

Check out what you get!

Course Curriculum

Introduction: Going From Good To Mastery

What's included?

6 Videos
2 Texts
9 PDFs
30 Audios

Are you fed up with just being a good speaker? 

Are you ready to become an E.P.I.C. Platform Master?

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Eugene Moreau
Eugene Moreau
Certified Master Coach

About the instructor

Eugene Moreau is an entrepreneur, business & life coach, author and passionate pursuer of the big dream. With over 28 years experience in working with all levels of management in the specific areas of business communication, presentation & pitch, leadership, & shaping strategy, Eugene brings depth, wisdom and a kind of ‘knowingness’ to every client engagement that can only be achieved through experience.

Since 1990 he has helped thousands of business people learn the skill of business presentation, ultimately doing what Dick Brunton, founder, and now retired Chairman of Colmar Brunton Research described as, “Helping busy people with important things to say, say it better!”

Eugene has written three books: (1) The Public Speakers Little Black Book, (2) Dare To Dream Again and (3) The 13 Box Presentation Workshop In A Book, as well as numerous e-books.

Eugene has also created the online, video-based workshop (Self Study and Mastery) for business presentations titled “5 Proven Steps to Creating an Insanely Good Business Presentation”... which you buy right here on this website..

Eugene is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) with the Behavioural Coaching Institute of Australia and has coached ‘C’ level management, virtually or face-to-face, in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Bahrain, Indonesia, Japan, UK, and the USA. ‍‍‍